Demandbase Brings Real-Time ID to LiveChat

Jun 08, 2010

Less than one month after the May 12 introduction of its Real Real-Time ID Service, a platform for real-time identification of business web traffic, Demandbase, Inc. has announced the product's first significant integration partnership. Demandbase and LivePerson Inc., a provider of online engagement solutions that facilitate real-time assistance and expert advice, are teaming up to provide a new application on the LivePerson Business Application Platform that combines real-time business identification with Web chat.

"Unlike 10 years ago hardly a sale is ever going to be made where the customer at some point doesn't touch the marketer's website," says Greg Ott, CMO at Demandbase. Accessed using a web service API, Real-Time ID allows marketers to know which company is about to visit their site, and then serve a web experience with industry-specific messages, shorter web forms, or even custom product offers for specific accounts. But better customer service-and lead generation-doesn't stop there. As more companies rely on chat technology for customer support on their sites, those same companies are realizing the business potential those interactions hold.

The Demandbase Business Intelligence Application on LivePerson provides B2B companies with real-time intelligence to engage online visitors based on industry, company size, or customer status and more efficiently match the business visitor to the right agent or inside sales representative. As Ott says, "If HP is on your site, it's worth having a chat agent serve them better." Demandbase aims to help LivePerson do just that.

Real-Time ID uses Demandbase's Business Resolution Platform, which is built on the cloud for unlimited scalability, a proprietary matching technology, and intelligence from a network of 31 million business records from leading providers including Dun & Bradstreet, Jigsaw, Edgar Online, Harte-Hanks, Hoovers, and LexisNexis.

"We know that Web chat enables businesses to better engage site visitors, and the Demandbase technology now provides the insight necessary to make those engagements better," said LivePerson CEO, Robert LoCascio. "The added intelligence Demandbase delivered into our chat platform will change the way our B2B customers prioritize sessions, route opportunities, and service existing customers."

The tool is not just about routing users, however. It also aims to make the customer service experience better. By identifying basic information about a user before a chat even begins it allows agents to get to the heart of the issue more quickly, addressing the customer's questions or concerns.

"B2B marketers have been telling us for years that one of the biggest headaches is converting visitors on their web sites," said Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase, about the Real-Time ID release. The LivePerson integration is helping companies turn chat into a lead conversion tool. "B2B companies spend well over a million dollars a year for CRM...looking for ways to create efficiency and conversion rates," says Ott. Many big companies have already realized that chat tools are one way to do that. He says, "IBM, Cisco, Adobe, HP, Intuit all use live chat in conversion and support tools." LivePerson and Demandbase are, no doubt, hoping many more big name companies will jump on the bandwagon.

"The new application joining the Demandbase and LivePerson platforms illustrates how Demandbase's new Real-Time ID Service can be integrated with proven technologies to make them even better," says Golec. "Software and technology companies are looking for ways to offer their customers more real-time functionality and intelligence, and this platform integration with LivePerson highlights how our Real-Time ID can make a great solution even better."