Day Software Delivers Standard Connectivity for FileNet P8 Content Manager

Feb 09, 2007

Day Software, a provider of global content management and content infrastructure software, has announced that the company is continuing to deliver standardized connectors for repositories. The repository connectors are fully compliant with the Content Repository for Java Technology API standard (JSR 170). The latest of these interfaces is for FileNet P8 Content Manager, designed to create greater interoperability and openness for the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) vendor. Other connectors that are in development include interfaces for Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Domino.doc, and Software AG Tamino, among others.

Key JCR features include: the ability to access critical content, including metadata, users, groups and group memberships from the P8 CM repository; Access Control List (ACL) association to fulfill enterprise security requirements; Content Search of the P8 CM repository using the Xpath or SQL query language; access to all content stored in the P8 CM repository, or to a subset using repository views; Observation capabilities to monitor changes in content, including metadata, users, groups, and user permissions in the P8 CM repository; and the ability to export repository content.