Day Releases Communiqué 3.5 Content Management Framework

Nov 22, 2002


Day Software has announced the availability of Communiqué 3.5, the newest version of their flagship software product. Based on extensive feedback from clients, Communiqué 3.5 has been developed completely on an enterprise-class, 100% Java, J2EE architecture. Communiqué 3.5 is an integrated content, portal, and digital asset management framework that manages and unifies digital business information, applications, and processes through the Web. The Communiqué 3.5 framework offers a reusable component architecture that solves multiple customer challenges with one (end-to-end) integrated solution. By delivering integrated Application, Content, and Connection Services, from a single vendor, Day's customers can deploy enterprise applications on the Web.

The Communiqué 3.5 Application Services provide out-of-the-box capabilities for Content Management, Portal Management, Graphics and Digital Asset Management, Business Process, and Workflow. Day's Content Management capabilities provide design templates and wizards, consistent separation of design and content, separate design worlds for corporate design information, and inheritance of design to sub pages. This allows companies to leverage personnel resources in the areas of their expertise thus lowering implementation and on going maintenance costs. The Communiqué 3.5 Graphics and Digital Asset Management capabilities provide a browser based, Photoshop-like environment that enables content managers to control visual assets for image manipulation and management. Communiqué 3.5 Content Services include capabilities for federated search, virtual versioning, security/access control, single sign-on, observation, indexing, and serialization. Communiqué 3.5 Connection Services allow enterprises to extend and leverage the content stored in enterprise systems like SAP R/3, document and file storage systems like Lotus Notes, and security systems like LDAP. Communiqué 3.5 Connection Services eliminate the need to replicate content, allowing access to the content where it lives. Support for application servers includes IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, SunONE, Oracle 9i, and ATG Dynamo. Additionally, Communiqué 3.5 supports J2EE, JSP, JCA, EJB, Servlet, XML, LDAP, and Unicode.