DataPower and Contivo Offer Standards-Based XML Integration Solution

Dec 13, 2002


DataPower Technology, Inc., a provider of intelligent XML-aware network infrastructure, has announced a joint marketing and development agreement with Contivo, Inc., a provider of automated data integration, to integrate the Contivo Enterprise Integration Modeling (EIM) solution with the DataPower XA35 XML Accelerator. The joint solution provides enterprise customers with a complete standards-base XML integration solution providing data modeling and XML data transformation technology to reduce time and money spent on integration services. XML provides an open, standards-based approach to inter- and intra-enterprise integration that is designed to alleviate the costs of customized coding and integration.  Contivo's platform-independent model-based semantic server automates the design and management of data integration. By enabling model reuse and collaboration across the enterprise, Contivo removes the need to repeatedly hand-code transformations or become locked into proprietary systems. DataPower's XA35, based on its patent-pending XG3 XML processing technology, provides XML data transformation engine. While Contivo's product helps enterprises scale their data mapping projects, DataPower's XA35 helps them scale the actual XML processing. DataPower XA35 XML Accelerator and Contivo EIM Solution 3.0 are available for purchase immediately.

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