Data Depth Launches iCopyright Conductor

Sep 23, 2005


Data Depth Corporation, d/b/a/ iCopyright has announced the release of iCopyright Conductor, the latest generation of its content licensing system. Data Depth also announced that a number of publishers are live with the new system, including Reuters, Primedia, Penton, Business News Publishing, Line 56, UPI, and Ziff Davis. iCopyright Conductor provides new features and capabilities for content creators and publishers of all sizes.

Publishers use a console to generate the tags to add to their content and to decide which services to offer their readers. They can direct licensing requests to their internal sales staff, or to any number of preferred service providers, such as reprint companies and subscription fulfillment houses. The user interface has also been improved. When readers click on the iCopyright tag, they can license the content for a variety of uses, subscribe to the publication, write a letter to the author or editor, request free permissions, and get other services. There is no charge for publishers to use Conductor to facilitate copyright permissions. There is a nominal charge for publishers to use Conductor for reprint and eprint sales, as well as to offer other content services. iCopyright's suite of instant licensing and content fulfillment services cost publishers 5% of the transactions it processes for them.