DMOD Ships Version 2.5 of WorkSpace

Feb 14, 2003

DMOD, Inc., a provider of workflow and distribution solutions, has shipped Version 2.5 of its DMOD WorkSpace, a software solution designed to streamline the media production process and provide content owners and creators with tighter control over their digital assets. Version 2.5 provides expanded media format compatibility, including support for QuickTime 6.0, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4, as well as several enhancements that make it easier for production teams to share, track, and review digital media. DMOD WorkSpace is a software-only solution intended to simultaneously address inefficiencies in the digital production workflow and the need to protect content during the production process--where published estimates suggest that 80% of media industry piracy occurs. Enhancements to Version 2.5 of the DMOD WorkSpace include: support for QuickTime 6; encrypted save-to-disk; offline digital media review; browser-based access; digital media tracking through historical log; and group addressing and group permissions. The DMOD WorkSpace Version 2.5 client/server solution is priced starting at $17,500 per year for one server and five client seats. Maintenance and support are additional. DMOD products support Microsoft Windows (R) 2000/XP, Apple's Mac OSX, Linux, and Sun platforms.