DMA Releases RFI Template on Cross-Device Identification

Sep 29, 2016


Continuing its work to accelerate cross-device identification business partnerships between technology buyers and sellers, DMA delivered the first of a series of tools and solutions to the industry with the release of its “Cross-Device Identity Solutions RFI Template”. Developed with the input members of the DMA Cross-Device Identification (XDID) Initiative, the RFI template outlines the questions marketers, agencies, and publishers should be asking cross-device vendors and the simple terms and definitions that everyone in the identity-based marketing and media ecosystem should understand. The release is an industry “exposure draft,” designed to generate conversation across the industry and solicit input to inform refinements. The RFI can be downloaded and feedback can be provided at

The RFI was released during Advertising Week’s opening day in a series of three sessions titled “TRUTHS and LIES with Cross-Device ID on Monday afternoon. Speaking at the event were the data and marketing leaders that assembled the RFI Template, including members of DMA’s XDID Program Steering Committee as well as executives and members of the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM).