Cymfony Partners With Sphere

Jun 16, 2006

Cymfony, a media research and analysis provider, has announced it has expanded its service offerings through a partnership with Sphere, a provider of blog search technology. Sphere's Sphere It! Bookmarklet gives users one click access to blogs relevant to the topic they are reading on any page on the web. Cymfony will first integrate Sphere's data about blog link structures, quality, as well as who is linking to whom, and perform analysis of the relative influence of blog posters within an existing conversation. Second, Cymfony will use Sphere's technology to analyze meta-data and establish baselines, including posting frequency, lengths of postings, and other data. Third, Sphere's spam elimination algorithms were designed to ensure that Cymfony clients get relevant blogs without the spam. Cymfony will provide an additional layer of semantic analysis of each blog posting to help Cymfony customers identify the most influential voices in the blogosphere.