CyberAlert Launches RushClips

Mar 09, 2004

CyberAlert, Inc., a media monitoring service, has announced the launch of RushClips, a high speed news monitoring and press clipping service that is designed to automatically deliver today's news clips throughout the business day. The RushClips service monitors online news sources and automatically delivers email alerts with new clips throughout the day, enabling public relations and marketing professionals to keep watch on the day's most-recently published news articles about their company, its brands, people, and competitors. The RushClips service also incorporates once-a-day overnight clip delivery from additional news sources in 17 languages. Once delivered, the press clippings are stored in a "Digital Clip Book," a service of CyberAlert that keeps clips in a central database accessed through a password-protected Web site. The digital clip storage enables RushClips subscribers to sort, search, distribute, and manage news clips. RushClips is a subscription service.