Custom Marketing Automation Rises, Performs Better Compared to Industry Standards

Mar 28, 2019

Omnisend, omnichannel marketing automation platform for e-commerce, has released their annual report on campaign performance in marketing automation. The 2019 Omnichannel Marketing Automation Statistics Report released data on key Omnisend marketers and analyzed over 2 billion campaigns sent from nearly 12,000 brands. It’s common knowledge in the e-commerce industry that 7 of 10 carts are abandoned. Cart recovery automation workflows have proven to be effective in recovering that lost revenue. According to the report, cart recovery automation workflows perform well for digital marketers, earning back 2.35% of potentially lost revenue.

In comparing other automation workflows for online retail, welcome automation workflows came in behind cart recovery, earning 2.24% of orders for Omnisend marketers. As many digital marketers offer an incentive for email capture, it comes as no surprise that these campaigns are successful.

However, the report also highlighted a growing trend among online marketers: more marketers than ever before are creating custom automation workflows tailored to their customers' behavior.

These campaigns performed best overall, counting open rates at 52.7%, well above industry averages for any other kind of automation workflow. Custom automation campaigns also tend to capture customer attention even longer, providing the highest click-through rate of campaigns analyzed at 17.27%. While orders from custom automation workflows still lag behind at 1.82%, they still perform better overall when counting open and click-through rates.

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