Cuadra Introduces STAR Version 3.9

Mar 16, 2004

Cuadra Associates, Inc., a provider of information management software products, has released a new version of the company's information management software. The 3.9 release of STAR offers a number of enhancements to its core technology, its Windows-based Client interface, and its browser-based system management interface.

STAR is a customizable information management system that is designed to allow proper handling of descriptive or full-text information and fast, precise retrieval of information-tasks. STAR includes customizing capabilities to create unique applications and can be integrated with portals and other software packages along with dynamic Web publishing. One of the enhancements to the core technology is encrypted communications, which allows users of STAR's Windows-based Client, as well as of the company's ASP (Application Solution Provider) service, to communicate over the Internet from multiple locations. Encryption will also benefit sites that use STAR for their own ASP service, as well as sites that have created their own client programs to access STAR through the Microsoft ADO programming interface.

STAR's Windows-based Client interface is used for behind-the-scenes operations and complements the browser-based operations typically used by end users. Enhancements to the Client customizing tool that is also part of the new STAR 3.9 release offer more options for application designers to create new applications or modify existing ones. The new STAR release incorporates a new version of STAR Manager, STAR's browser-based management interface that provides access to most of the maintenance functions used to manage the STAR system. These functions were previously available only through a character-based interface. STAR Manager also provides browser-based access to several functions that need to be performed at the operating system level, such as displaying current users logged into the system, along with the interface and the STAR application they are using.