Creative Weblogging Launches Additional Sites

Mar 14, 2006

Creative Weblogging Inc., a blog media network, has announced the launch of 5 more sites, bringing its total to more than 60. Two of the new sites are existing blogs that have joined the Creative Weblogging Inc. network.

Robert May, a blogger at Businesspundit has joined Creative Weblogging Inc. as one of its lead bloggers. Another blogger, Randy Morin, has brought his site 'Destroy all Malware', under the Creative Weblogging Inc. umbrella. His site has been renamed 'I Got Spam' and reports daily about new spam and virus attacks. Creative Weblogging Inc. also makes its foray into the Chinese language market. Michelle Chan edits Yuleguan, covering Chinese and Hollywood celebrities. Additionally the company also started 'Keep your Pokerface' authored by professional poker player and poker book author Matthew Maroon. 'House of Nintendo' is edited by John Pierce. John aka Jack has played Nintendo games since childhood discusses where the future will lead for Nintendo.