Crafter Software Offers Web Experience Management Software

May 07, 2013


Crafter Software Corp., a spinoff of Rivet Logic Corp., is now offering web content and web experience management software. This enables its customers to deliver strategic content tailored to end users through multiple online channels. Crafter Software's offerings are based on the Crafter CMS open source project, letting companies develop and manage rich web and mobile experiences.

Unlike legacy systems that were built just for web content, Crafter Software solutions were designed to easily tap into disparate data sources from social media, ERPs, CRMs, marketing campaign systems, and others to create a dynamic web experience that is specifically targeted to an individual user.

Crafter Software's solutions are offered as both a Community Edition under the GNU General Public License and as an Enterprise Edition with a commercial license and global support.

In its first act as a new company, Crafter Software treleased Crafter Studio v. 2.2, which provides native integration with Alfresco, and open platform for business-critical content management that supports on-premise, cloud, and hybrid-cloud deployments.

Crafter Studio and Crafter Engine, the company's two initial offerings, work together to deliver superior web content authoring, publishing ,and personalized content delivery.  Crafter Studio, is an authoring and publishing solution. Crafter Engine, is a content delivery system that provides developers with the foundation for building web and mobile applications.