CourtLink to Offer Corporate Litigation Report to Alacra

May 20, 2003

LexisNexis CourtLink, Inc., an provider of online access to court records, has announced that it will distribute its newly launched Corporate Reports through Alacra, Inc. Corporate Reports by LexisNexis CourtLink are Web-based summaries of litigation filed by and against publicly held companies in federal court. These reports initially will be available for most publicly held companies and will be sold on a transaction basis through a custom online interface within Alacra. Weekly, quarterly, and annual litigation summaries will be available. Each Corporate Report may include a case caption, date of filing, type of litigation, defendant and prosecution names, and jurisdiction. Embedded links to the cases' docket details will also be available. CourtLink has coverage of over 200 million cases in its database and electronically receives thousands of new filings every day.

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