Copyright Clearance Center Launches Online Educational Resource

Jul 27, 2004

Copyright Clearance Center, a licensing agent for text reproduction rights, has launched a Web-based resource for business professionals called The Guide to Copyright Compliance. The interactive guide is designed to assist companies in implementing corporate best practices for achieving compliance with copyright law and also helps organizations educate employees on how to lawfully use the content required to do their jobs. The Guide to Copyright Compliance was developed specifically for business professionals who frequently use copyright-protected materials in their day-to-day activities, and provides information about the legal issues related to photocopying, emailing, and Web-posting text materials. The educational resource includes: a primer on copyright law as it applies to digital content including: definitions of the types and formats of digital materials protected; an interactive quiz to test visitors' copyright knowledge; an introduction to copyright law and explanation of concepts such as fair use; a guide on how to obtain permission to use copyrighted content; and an overview of best practices for creating and instituting a corporate copyright compliance policy.