Convera's Taxonomy Workbench to Help with E-Government Act Compliance

Dec 16, 2003

Convera, a provider of search and categorization software for enterprises and government agencies, has announced that its new Taxonomy Workbench is designed to help government agencies comply with the E-Government Act of 2002. Through customized taxonomy creation, the Workbench allows agencies to improve the way public information is organized on government Web sites.

The Workbench is designed for information managers, librarians, and subject matter experts. Using the Workbench to create taxonomies, agency personnel can integrate their collective knowledge and expertise to organize data in an automated environment. The Taxonomy Workbench also addresses another mandate in the E-Government Act--the preservation of government information--by classifying diverse data into efficient taxonomies. The legislation, signed into law by the President on December 17, 2002, requires compliance within two years (by December 17, 2004).

The Workbench was designed to allow users to: develop completely new taxonomies; import existing taxonomies and thesauri; test, benchmark, and tune taxonomies and classifications; and translate human subject area expertise into fast Web site browsing and searching. For customized agency results, Convera supports 20 different domain cartridges and offers the following standard taxonomies such as DTIC 2003 (Defense Technical Information Center) thesaurus produced by the U.S. Defense Department; GO 2003 (gene ontology); MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) produced by the National Library of Medicine; and Geography.