Context Media Releases Interchange Suite 4.0

Nov 21, 2003

Context Media, Inc. has announced the immediate availability of Interchange Suite 4.0, the latest version of the content integration software solution. The new version of the Web-services-based Interchange Suite includes a number of enhancements that are designed to improve the content management, access, and distribution capabilities of organizations. New features include additional application and infrastructure platform support; new metadata management capabilities, enhanced security, scalability and high availability features for business performance and continuity; and a number of end user enhancements that improve productivity and demonstrate substantial ROI.

Interchange Suite uses Web services standards to integrate digital content stored in multiple systems and repositories throughout the enterprise so that users within and beyond the organization can more easily discover, collaborate, and manage content. The components of the Suite--Interchange Integration Console, Interchange Context Server, and Interchange Distribution Console--enable enterprise content to be accessed, organized, shared, and distributed without replacing existing systems or current workflow practices. Content organized by Interchange Suite can also be accessed by Intershare, Context Media's Web services client, which acts like a shared drive.

New features available in Context Media Interchange Suite 4.0 include: Increased Application and Infrastructure Platform Support--Interchange Suite now provides interoperability with solution stacks from BEA, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and across the Sun One solution stack, including application, portal, and security solutions; and Linux and Macintosh operating systems. Content hosted on a range of enterprise content management systems residing on major solution stacks is now accessible for sharing, collaboration, and distribution. Innovations in Metadata Integration and Processing--Interchange Suite now offers new metadata services and adaptors that allow the merging of unstructured and structured data. With Context Media's metadata pipeline, multiple systems can contribute to create and individually update a single unified content object. It also provides improved thumbnail, resizing, and watermarking image services. Enhanced Security and Availability--Interchange Suite's security framework supports additional security protocols, including SFTP, SSL, and LDAP and provides out-of-the-box support for clustering technology available from infrastructure vendors to provide improved availability and scalability. User Productivity Features--Interchange Suite offers enhanced user productivity features, including Smart Folders that let users create saved queries of frequently used searches; Reference Folders that facilitate dynamic real-time sharing of enterprise content with external users; and Configurable Views that provide multiple options for viewing content.