Context Media Releases Interchange PortalPlus

Aug 26, 2003

Context Media, Inc., a provider of content integration software, has announced the availability of Interchange PortalPLUS, which is designed to enable organizations to make portals their primary interface for accessing and managing digital content stored anywhere in the enterprise. Interchange PortalPLUS provides out-of-the box integration between Context Media's content integration software, Interchange Suite, and portal platforms, including Sun Microsystems' Sun ONE Portal Server, BEA WebLogic, and IBM WebSphere. This allows organizations using portals in conjunction with Interchange Suite to access enterprise content stored in disparate content management, document management and digital asset management systems directly through their portal interface, greatly simplifying and improving content accessibility and management.

Interchange PortalPLUS leverages open standards-based Web services technology to provide access to and management of digital content and content management systems through a portal framework. Interchange PortalPLUS is available immediately for the Sun ONE Portal Server 6. Interchange Portal Plus for BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere will be available early in the fourth quarter of 2003.  Pricing for Interchange PortalPLUS begins at $25K.