Context Media Announces Interchange Suite 4.2

Nov 23, 2004

Context Media, Inc., a provider of content integration solutions, has announced the immediate availability of Context Media Interchange Suite 4.2, the latest version of the company's content integration software solution. The new edition of Interchange Suite is designed to provide out-of-the-box integration with an array of content repositories, including homegrown systems and those supplied by vendors. The capability, which is made possible through Context Media's development of the Configurable Content Pipeline (CCP), is part of Context Media's ongoing strategy to leverage open standards and an SOA (Services Orientated Architecture) to make digital content more accessible to end users and partners within and beyond the enterprise. CCP is provided as a core component of Interchange Suite 4.2.

The Interchange Suite is intended to enable organizations to access content stored in multiple and disparate content repositories. New features available in Context Media's Interchange Suite Version 4.2 include: Universal Content Access--Context Media's CCP gives organizations access to homegrown and proprietary content repositories, complementing the current set of Context Media database pipelines and custom configured API-based pipelines. The CCP is available for a variety of systems including IBM DB2, Content Manager Portfolio and Lotus Workplace Web Content Management, Informix, Oracle, Documentum, Quark, Interwoven, Media Bin, Convera, FatWire, Virage, Stellent, Canto, Google, and others. Multi- and Bi-Directional Content Integration--customers can move content from within or from outside the firewall, which enables clients to reuse the integration pipelines to move content for multiple purposes, such as consolidation from several repositories, batched movement of content from one system to another, or delivery of content from multiple repositories into multiple applications. Globalization--Interchange Suite 4.2 includes enhanced out-of-the-box internationalization capabilities that allow partners in different regions to localize Interchange Suite for their specific geographical needs.