Content a Key Barrier to Effective eGovernment Implementation

Jan 31, 2003

A new survey by iQ Content reveals that, while the Irish eGovernment program has made progress, significant implementation problems are being experienced by the majority of public sector agencies. Based on interviews with public sector eGovernment professionals, the iQ Content survey reveals that Ireland's eGovernment program remains largely on track. Seventy-five percent of respondents have a clear idea of what eGovernment is about and its implications for their organization and 65% of organizations consider their implementation to be either on or ahead of schedule. However, the survey also reveals that the majority of public sector agencies (75%) are experiencing difficulties implementing their eGovernment strategies. Content creation, content management, and accessibility also emerge as being problematic for most public sector organizations; 95% of respondents admitted to having difficulties creating and managing content on their Web sites. Respondents identified a lack of strategic vision (40%) and a shortage of the appropriate human resources (20%) as key barriers to effective eGovernment implementation. The survey also highlights how human resource constraints are impacting on the delivery of eGovernment services because 75% of public sector Web sites are managed by just one person and in most cases, this person spends less than half their time on Web-related activities.  Eighty-five percent also identified accessibility as a key challenge for effective egovernment implementation.