Content Analyst Announces Integration of dtSearch Engine

Nov 07, 2008

Content Analyst Company, a provider of advanced text analysis software for the document management, legal, and intelligence communities, and dtSearch Corp., a supplier of enterprise and developer text retrieval software, will announce the integration of the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine into Version 3.3 of CAAT, Content Analyst’s text analytics software platform. The new release embeds the dtSearch Engine for Windows/Linux cross-platform native 64-bit full-text searching. CAAT 3.3 supports cross-lingual categorization and provides users with a categorization "self-test." The new SharePoint connector allows CAAT 3.3 users to analyze and search unstructured information in SharePoint repositories. New optional filters include an OCR filter and email filters. dtSearch products can index over a terabyte of data in a single index. The software offers over two dozen search options, including Unicode support. A built-in Spider supports searching of local and remote, public and secure dynamic and static web data, with WYSIWYG hit-highlighted display of web-ready data. The dtSearch Engine API supports .NET, Java, C++, SQL, etc., including native 64-bit Windows/Linux support.