Connotate Announces Agent Community V3

Oct 01, 2010

Connotate, Inc., a provider of data collection solutions for the web, announced the release of Agent Community V3, the latest iteration of its flagship web data monitoring and collection solution. Agent Community allows non-technical users to capture and analyze dynamic Web content and data via a patented visual abstraction technique and easy-to-use interface. This version includes new features such as increased automated Web data collection capabilities, improved text analytics, "slice-and-dice" Agent subscription and management views, along with compatibility with the Mozilla Firefox Web browser.

The Agent Community solution provides scalability, reliability and resiliency to help drive strategic value by delivering targeted dynamic Web content and data in a cost-effective manner. Agent Community is built on the foundation of Connotate's "Intelligent Agent" technology that enables a non-technical user to create Agents for tracking, collecting, and updating data from a Web page, spreadsheet, database, PDF file, email and/or legacy application data source.