Colleges and Universities Implement Ingeniux CMS

Nov 12, 2002

Ingeniux Corporation, a provider of XML-based Web content management and publishing systems, has announced that several colleges and universities have selected Ingeniux Content Management System to manage their internet and intranet sites. Implementations of Ingeniux CMS are in progress at Weber State, Knox College, Virginia Tech, Quinnipiac University, Hartwick College, and Wake Forest Law School. Ingeniux Content Management System is intended to enable technical and non-technical members of the campus community to cooperatively manage the Web publishing process. Faculty, staff, and students can directly create, edit, and publish content without knowledge of Web programming languages, eliminating the "content bottleneck" that typically backs-up IT staff. Site Administrators use workflow tools and granular permissions to control access, content approvals and site look and feel in the campus publishing environment. Built on open-standard XML, Ingeniux CMS is designed to address the unique needs of higher education, such as ADA section 508 compliance.