Code Green Networks Releases Content Protection Appliance

Apr 07, 2006

Code Green Networks, a provider of the identification and protection of enterprise content, has announced the release of its content protection solution to mitigate the risk of unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information. The Code Green Networks Content Inspection (CI) Appliance protects all content from all sources, including content management systems, and across all potential leakage points by utilizing Deep Content Fingerprinting. Additionally, the new appliance protects sensitive information in all languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, Russian and Arabic.

At the center of the Code Green Networks solution is the CI appliance, an integrated and self-contained system consisting of hardware and software packaged in a rack-mounted form factor. The appliance sits at the network egress point to monitor all content flows. A role-based Web interface enables users to define protection policies and to detect movement of sensitive content. Shipping immediately, the Code Green Networks CI appliance is based on Deep Content Fingerprinting technology, which detects and protects confidential content, as well as subsets of the original content that may have been incorporated into other files. The appliance monitors and analyzes content flows and detects transmissions of sensitive information over any TCP-based protocol; including email, Web traffic, Instant Messaging (IM), FTP, or peer-to-peer file sharing.