Cloudwords Adds Machine Translation Capability

Apr 24, 2014

Cloudwords, a cloud-based marketing globalization platform, announced the availability of machine translation as part of its newest product release. With machine translation, Cloudwords now enables customers to globalize marketing campaigns and content using whichever localization method and model is suited for their content and budget needs. The options include translation by preferred external vendors; in-house translation; translation by vendors in the Cloudwords marketplace; or machine translation. The Machine Translation feature enables customers to translate marketing content that requires short turnaround times or extremely low costs.

Now, customers that have Cloudwords integrated with their marketing automation, content management systems, or WCMS platforms can employ machine translation for projects that need to be translated quickly and cost effectively. Machine Translation is ideal for short-form content that has a limited shelf life, such as social media, creating instantaneous translations for internal reviewers to polish, or for content targeted to reach markets with limited budgets.