Cloudware City Enters Open Beta

Jul 14, 2011

Cloudware Hosting Ltd, a web 2.0 SaaS company that provides a managed subscriptions billing platform for web content, is launching its open beta. Cloudware City is designed to provide a simple way for website owners to include subscriptions and recurring billing to their sites, and can interact with a variety of publishing platforms, such as Wordpress and Joomla. The company claims that the service can be up and running within three minutes for certain publishing platforms.

Cloudware City also features offers an API that will allow it to function with other publishing platforms. As part of the signup for process for Cloudware City, content providers will get access to both the full billing management and subscription system and the ability to market their sites through the Cloudware City Web App Store. A limited number of new members can take advantage of a no-obligation free trial for 90 days.