Clickabilty Announces Social Media Toolkit for Web Publishers

Apr 24, 2007

Clickability Inc, a provider of on-demand web content management software, has announced its Social Media release, the latest on-demand offering built on its cmPublish content management platform. The new release provides a toolkit of social media capabilities that allows Clickability customers to complement their website properties with a community of engaged users--a place where visitors can interact with each other to discuss ideas, insights, and innovations.

The new release fosters several forms of customer engagement, including content ranking and rating, surveys and polls, visitor profile pages, newsletters as well as user comments. The new features are natively built into Clickability’s web publishing platform providing a fully integrated solution. By blending traditional web publishing with Web 2.0 communities customers can republish a blog as a newsletter, measure community interactions through social media analytics, and search both published and user generated content across a unified search engine.

New features of the Social Media release include: visitor-contributed video with in-line advertising; social media analytics; Ajax driven commenting; visitor loyalty profiles; unified social media search; discussion boards; visitor ratings; and comment notification. Clickability’s Social Media release is scheduled for general availability in the second quarter.