ClearStory Systems Announces ActiveMedia PowerDeck

Dec 15, 2006

ClearStory Systems, Inc., a provider of digital asset management (DAM) solutions, has announced the availability of ActiveMedia PowerDeck, a comprehensive, presentation management solution designed to manage the effectiveness, compliance, and brand consistency of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. By providing access to a centralized library of approved presentation content, PowerDeck gives individual users or cross-departmental teams the ability to share ideas, eliminate redundancy, and ensure messaging accuracy.

PowerDeck integrates with ClearStory's ActiveMedia digital asset management solution and Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerDeck users have point-and-click assembly of new presentations across a library of approved decks. PowerDeck gives companies total control of presentation graphics and messaging with the ability to lock-down content, secure slide positioning, control versions, and prevent dated material from being used. When graphics or templates need to be changed, all presentations sharing common content can be automatically updated with PowerDeck. Tracking mechanisms and usage reports provide information on delivery and use of presentations. PowerDeck also provides portability by offering users the ability to email presentations as web links, instead of distributing hefty files across networks and the internet.

PowerDeck integrated with ActiveMedia manages presentations as part of a business communications solution that can draw from an organization's entire repository of approved marketing graphics, photos, and multi-media. Also offered as a hosted solution, PowerDeck provides a central repository of presentations with control mechanisms and centralized assembly, management, and delivery.