Clarabridge Launches CMP Version 3.3

Aug 28, 2009

Text analytics provider Clarabridge has released version 3.3 of its Content Mining Platform (CMP), a service that counts among its clients Best Buy, Capitol One, and H&R Block, among others.
CMP 3.3 will, like previous versions, be used to capture, transform, and analyze free-form customer feedback from social media, CRM systems, and customer feedback systems. The new incarnation of the program boasts text mining and processing speeds seven times faster than previous versions while decreasing storage requirements by 50 percent for customers who are routinely managing more than a terabyte of data.

Clarabridge 3.3 Navigator now provides embedded reports that can be run directly from within the Navigator interface and do not require use of a third party business intelligence application, allowing 10 million-plus document data sets to be run in a matter of seconds.

The data, once compiled, can now be sorted by a variety of methods, including linguistic, Boolean, and statistical factors, and can now be analyzed automatically.

Users will also find that CMP 3.3 supports most common business software.