China Media-on-Demand Coalition Launches

Apr 19, 2005

China Government policy making organizations and media certification agencies, along with Chinese technology and broadband companies, have come together to celebrate the formation of a China Media-on-Demand (MOD) Coalition to create a new media on-demand platform encompassing software, hardware, content, encryption, encoding, content certification, distribution network, payment system, and business protocols for the delivery of rich media content, worldwide.

The IDV Global Media-On-Demand (GMOD) platform supported by the coalition was a top-secret project until premiered at the China MOD Coalition press conference on April 12 in Beijing. This is a scalable, end-to-end system that is intended to supply next generation games, sports events, movies, TV shows, and other interactive entertainment direct to private residences or hotel rooms worldwide, with the same interface, in High Definition (HD) quality video.

IDV GMOD's global media on-demand (MOD) platform solution includes a second generation PC with a 3D "platform-on-platform" architecture developed by IDV, a California-based company. Content will be delivered to consumers by digital feeds from global sources, including a next generation Internet based on the IPv6 technology. Partners will do revenue sharing.

Software Division of Tsinghua University, Beijing, to help direct and develop a next-generation PC operating system (code name OMS) that would be open-source, affordable, easy to use, rich in applications, and secure. The commission is under the leadership of Professor Xiang Chengyu, an advisor to top levels of the China Government and a former teacher to the current Premier of China, Wen Jaibao.