Chatmeter Announces Technology Updates 

Aug 10, 2017

Chatmeter, a provider of local search marketing and review management, released several updates to its comprehensive dashboard to help brands and retailers better engage with customers and track the conversion of searches to actual purchases. The latest features include: 

  • Real-Time Response to Reviews – Responding to reviews directly from the dashboard was a frequent request by clients but it wasn’t until recently that local search sites opened up their APIs to preferred partners, like Chatmeter. Previously, brand marketers would have to maintain dozens or even hundreds of logins for each location and review sites to respond. With this latest Chatmeter feature, marketers can now respond in real-time and all within the same dashboard, saving time and simplifying the administrative process.
  • Actionable Search Performance Tracking –With e-commerce, purchase activity is tracked throughout the lifecycle of a customer through built-in digital tracking mechanisms. However, when people conduct local searches online or on their mobile phones, they usually go to the preferred business and make a purchase, which is an offline experience. Chatmeter has now implemented additional analytics from local search partnerships that show actual calls, driving directions, and website visits that resulted from local searches. 
  • Branded vs Unbranded Searches– Among Chatmeter’s latest features, including integration with Google My Business and Facebook’s Analytics, marketers can now access each location’s specific reviews across each search and social platform. This depth of analytics often provides brands with telling insights. While many major brands believe consumers search and find them based on their branded name and products alone, often the opposite is true, requiring a greater investment from brands around local search.