Catalyst Unveils Insight Predict

Jan 30, 2013

Catalyst Repository Systems, Inc., a provider of cloud-based document repositories for e-discovery and other complex legal matters, announced the release of its integrated predictive coding tool for e-discovery, Insight Predict. With Insight Predict, review teams are able to identify the most relevant documents much earlier in the review process, making the entire review workflow more focused and efficient.Catalyst Insight Predict integrates into Catalyst Insight, a cloud-based e-discovery platform that harnesses the power of a Big Data XML engine.

The technology employs contextual diversity sampling and other statistical techniques to rank each document based on a sample, or "seed set," from a larger population of documents. Review experts review the sample and rank documents for relevance, thereby "training" the program to calculate the relevance of documents on its own.In an iterative, self-correcting process called Predictive RankingSM—Catalyst's proprietary process for technology assisted review—Insight Predict feeds additional samples to the expert to test or validate their relevance and to progressively improve the accuracy and precision of its rankings.