Carroll Publishing Enhances Online Products

Feb 23, 2007

Carroll Publishing has announced several new enhancements to its subscriber website. GovSearchSuite, GovSearch, Milsearch, and FedSearch have new navigation and more functions. Carroll Publishing has updated the look of the navigation buttons at the top of the page, as well as the two renamed buttons which are "News Room" and "Reference Library."

Upon further searching, users will discover new live links that have also been added to search results. First is a v-card link, which adds the displayed contact information of a person directly into the user's email address book. It is stored in the address book and can be accessed whenever it's needed. The next is a map link that is displayed next to an address. Clicking on the link takes the user directly to to map a location and get point-to-point directions. Telephone numbers are also live links. For users that have Skype IP telephone technology installed, they may fast dial a telephone number directly through the computer with one click.

Other items that have been added to the website are new state, county, and metro area maps. A total of 3,286 maps have been added. For all 50 states there are now maps for each state that highlight the following: its location within the U.S., all of its counties showing their location within the state, and the location and land coverage of its metro area.