Canto Announces Web Publisher Pro

Oct 18, 2002

Canto, a maker of Digital Asset Management solutions, has announced Web Publisher Pro, a new Option that allows users to publish Cumulus catalogs and to market digital assets on dynamic Web pages. The new Option is based on the Cumulus Java Classes and is especially designed for users who do not only publish their assets but also intend to market them, as is the case in marketing departments, ad agencies, publishing houses, PR departments, and also in museums, mail-order-houses and other user groups. The new Internet solution is compatible with Cumulus Workgroup Edition and Enterprise Edition. With Web Publisher Pro users are able to create dynamic web pages allowing visitors to search for images and other documents within Cumulus catalogs using a standard Web browser, then they can sort and select and finally place the items in a collection basket for download. Web Publisher Pro features an incorporated ordering system and offers improvements from the existing Cumulus Web Publisher Option-which will continue to be offered. Web is extremely flexible and completely customizable using high-end HTML editors and integrates with Macromedia Dreamweaver.