CambridgeDocs Supports ACORD XML Standards

Oct 20, 2006

CambridgeDocs, a provider of document re-purposing solutions, has announced support for ACORD XML standards throughout its product line. This new feature will provide the insurance industry a way to generate custom forms compatible with the ACORD XML standard, and to also extract ACORD XML from existing sources of content. Beginning in 2007, CambridgeDocs will include samples of its ACORD publishing feature with each product it ships. CambridgeDocs products that will provide the ACORD XML support will include: Word FO Designer, a tool that supports visual layout for creating ACORD forms. It will include samples that demonstrate how to render ACORD XML as both standard ACORD forms and vendor-specific forms; and xDoc Converter, a tool that to extract XML data from existing forms in PDF format. It will include samples that will demonstrate how to produce the ACORD XML standards from the PDF files. The ACORD XML samples will ship in Q4 of 2006 and Q1 of 2007.