CambridgeDocs Announces PDF2Word and Word2PDF Conversion Plug-ins

Jul 18, 2003

CambridgeDocs has announced the upcoming release of a new plug-ins for Microsoft Word: PDF2Word and Word2PDF. These plug-ins, part of the CambridgeDocs XML Content Backbone, showcase the functionality of XML by achieving two-way conversion of PDF files.

The PDF2Word plug-in converts existing PDF files into RTF format for easy editing by Microsoft Word. The plug-ins add menu items to Microsoft word, which include opening PDF files. The other menu options include the ability to save to XML, and publishing to PDF using XSL:FO (XSL:formatting objects), a new standard for using XML for dynamically generating file formats such as PDF. PDF2Word is a tool that "unlocks" PDF files, using XML and the CambridgeDocs xDoc Converter as its underlying technology platform. It allows an end user to "open" a PDF file in Microsoft Word for viewing and editing. The PDF file is converted into XML, which is converted into Microsoft's Rich Text Format and can be edited within the Microsoft Word environment. Microsoft's RTF format is supported not just by Microsoft Word, but by many different desktop applications.

Word2PDF is a plug-in that lets users use XML for publishing to PDF dynamically. This plug-in is appropriate when organizations want to convert word documents into XML, modify the XML, and then using XSL:FO to save the resulting PDF file. The PDF2Word conversion keeps images, vector graphics, and formatting aspects of the PDF file as close as possible to the original. It works with Microsoft Word 2000 and Word XP. PDF2Word will be available for download from CambridgeDocs Web site immediately.  It retails for $199, but is being offered for a special introductory price of $99. Word2PDF will be available during Q3 of this year. The plug-ins use the xDoc Conversion technology from CambridgeDocs and are a part of CambridgeDocs XML Content Backbone.