Cadmus Upgrades 3Path Digital Content Delivery System for Mac Users

Apr 01, 2005

Cadmus Communications Corporation has announced the release of a Macintosh compatible version of its 3Path Digital Content Delivery System. The Mac version runs on Mac OS X v10.2.8 and v10.3. 3Path from Cadmus is a digital communication channel that is designed to deliver content more effectively than email or by Web site. 3Path provides secure delivery of digital communications that are organized in a publisher-branded channel directly on the recipient's desktop. Publishers can leverage the 3Path solution to provide end users with an interactive, rich media experience that enhances the affinity relationship. 3Path is effective for delivering content of any file type and size in a user-friendly interface for on-line or off-line access that is complementary to an enterprise's Web site. Publishers receive validation of delivery and feedback on usage, while the reader retains control of the publisher-reader relationship through an easy opt-in/out feature.