CSU Sacramento Selects Convera for ELearning Streaming Video Initiative

Jan 28, 2003


Convera has announced that California State University, Sacramento is using its Screening Room video asset management technology to provide video archives of courses to its students. A part of CSU Sacramento's distance and distributed education program, Screening Room enables students to view course content within minutes after the actual lecture is given, no matter where the student is located. Prior to deploying Screening Room, courses were videotaped and tapes were available to students to view on campus, but finding specific content from lectures was a time consuming process.  Screening Room's search and retrieval technology is designed to allow students to review lectures in a more efficient manner. By performing keyword searches, students can access every reference to an area of interest made during the entire course. The distance and distributed education team at CSU Sacramento consists of several people: a faculty member, a student assistant, a graphic artist, an instructional designer, a project manager, and a network analyst. Notes from the PowerPoint presentation are incorporated into searchable clips, making keyword searching more accurate. Data from the presentations are transferred in detail and integrated with video shot during the lecture, so students viewing the archive experience the presentation in its original form.