CEM4Mobile Solutions Enables CEM Platform Exports

Jun 23, 2011

CEM4Mobile, a customer experience management solution for mobile devices, rolled out the latest release of its eponymous mobile tool with an Open Export Interface for back office integrations. The new functionality allows for the easy exchange of analytics data with existing business support systems. The mobile analytics solution was also recently extended to fully support mobile operators' business case through direct mobile network integration capabilities.

CEM4Mobile is a mobile analytics product with a focus on customer experience management. The offering has been specifically designed for companies that provide mobile content and services. CEM4Mobile supports collection of statistical data from mobile browsing and applications by using taglines, mobile networks via deep packet inspection, server-to-server integrations through the Transaction Interface and customer feedback through the Voice-of-Customer channel. The analysis helps companies examine usage patterns, service ranking, and market trends across different user demographics.