CAS and FIZ Karlsruhe Partner on STN Software Launch

Jul 22, 2005

Chemical Abstracts Service and FIZ Karlsruhe have launched their new STN AnaVist software. STN AnaVist was developed to meet the need to assimilate and present information more effectively to derive greater value from search results and to support management in making business-critical decisions.

Key features of STN AnaVist include: the ability to integrate content from multiple databases, which users can search, analyze, and visualize data from multiple sources, including CAplus, PCT, and U.S. full-text patent databases; relationships between structured and unstructured data, which STN AnaVist offers the ability to uncover relationships among seven different fields within documents records, e.g., companies, inventors, years, and concepts; the ability to group and cleanup data, a company name thesaurus groups companies and company name variations prior to the analysis; concept standardization, the application of CAS vocabulary is designed to standardize technology terms across the databases, reducing data scatter; interactive relationships among data and charts, the visualization workspace is intended to make relationships easy to see with highlighting of data during the analysis; and creation of results sets, which can be obtained through import of an existing answer set created in STN Express with Discover! Analysis Edition, Version 8.0, or using the integrated concept search capability in STN AnaVist. STN has announced a special introductory offer for information professionals, which provides STN AnaVist at no charge for the software itself, effective through December 31, 2005.