CAS Releases STN Express with Discover! Analysis Edition (Version 7.0)

Dec 05, 2003

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) has announced the latest version of STN Express. New features in STN Express with Discover! Analysis Edition (version 7.0) are designed to help information professionals see the big picture when they search and retrieve information from scientific and technical literature and patents. Along with the new 2-Dimensional Analyze Wizard, this new version also introduces tools for chemical structure analysis and assistance in query development with the CA Lexicon.

Features of STN Express with Discover!, Version 7.0 for Windows include: a 2-Dimensional Analyze Wizard, to analyze and tabulate data then automatically create charts and graphs in Microsoft Excel; the Variable Group Analysis Table, to identify the common substructure for an answer set of substances identified in the CAS Registry with variable R-group locations identified and variable R-groups listed in a table; and assistance for query development via an interface to the CA Lexicon, a tool for developing search strategies based on the effective use of CA indexing terms. Version 7.0 for Windows is scheduled for distribution in December.