CAS Announces Chemical Nomenclature Changes in Databases; Expands Patent Coverage

Dec 01, 2006

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) has announced that, starting in mid-December 2006, users of CAS databases will find changes in chemical substance nomenclature. CAS will implement changes in CAS nomenclature as appropriate to ensure the CAS Registry has current information.

Among the nomenclature improvements to be implemented are more uniformly cited locants, reduction in the number of stereoparent names, and the elimination of nearly 3,000 obscure stereoparents. Unexpressed amides also will be disregarded. Chemical names produced through the new system will begin to appear in CAS Registry database records in December. Old CA index names will be converted to the new nomenclature in 2007, but the old names will also be displayed in the Registry records. Chemical substance records containing CA index names, other chemical names, CAS Registry Number identifiers, structures, and other substance information are found in the CAS Registry, which is accessible through STN and SciFinder services.

CAS has also announced patent information improvements in CAS databases available through STN, SciFinder, and SciFinder Scholar. The improvements include: faster access to Chinese patent records; expanded Korean patent data; improved F Term Thesaurus; and more U.S. patent information. By Jan. 1, 2007, data from the 1890-1906 issues of the Journal of the Chemical Society, Abstracts will be loaded as well.