Business Search Engine Announces Release of Knuru BlogWatch

Jul 13, 2007, a business information search engine, has announced the release of Knuru BlogWatch. Knuru BlogWatch, used in conjunction with Knuru’s Contextual News, is designed to provide real-time online monitoring of blogs worldwide. Using proprietary technology designed for accelerated data extraction, Knuru BlogWatch enables customers to monitor blogs to serve their business intelligence needs. In order to access Knuru BlogWatch, users will need to perform a search query using natural language search, then users will be given the option to view results from the following tabs: Strategic, News, BlogWatch, and Ask.

Quick Facts about Knuru BlogWatch: Powered by, a Ping Server; 120 million posts indexed and analyzed each month; Covers all major blog posting sites including MySpace, Blogger,, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, and Six Apart platforms; Addition of 6,000 podcasts and 10,000 blogs reviewed by editors. Knuru had partnered with to be used in conjunction with its own search service. In addition, saved search results, personalized home pages, and mobile access are all on schedule for release in the very near future.