Brightcove Acquires MetaStories

Mar 21, 2006

Brightcove, an Internet TV provider, has announced it has acquired Seattle-based MetaStories, a provider of rich-media publishing solutions. The Brightcove Internet TV service allows content owners to use the Internet to distribute content and build broadband businesses.

MetaStories main product, StoryMaker, is a rich-media publishing tool for producing interactive Flash content. StoryMaker is available as an on-demand service, and it is used by interactive producers to assemble video, graphics, text, and audio into custom multimedia experiences.

Brightcove plans to continue to develop, market, and distribute MetaStories StoryMaker. The product will be available as a stand-alone solution and offered as an integrated component of the Brightcove service. The companies did not disclose financial terms of the acquisition. All MetaStories employees will join Brightcove and remain in the Seattle location.