BrightTag Fuse Brings Real-Time Action to Cross-Channel Marketing

Feb 27, 2013


BrightTag announced general availability of BrightTag Fuse, a real-time data integration product that connects customer activities across channels on demand. Marketers struggle to have relevant conversations across the rapidly increasing number of places where they interact with customers and to connect the data about these interactions on their websites, mobile apps, social media, call centers, point-of-sale and other offline channels. BrightTag Fuse addresses this gap by creating a unified stream of cross-channel data that is connected in real time to marketing partners through its patent-pending Server-Direct technology.

Since the beginning of online marketing, integration between websites and digital services has occurred in the web browser using "tags," the bulky third-party code that collects and distributes data on the web. Traditional tag management systems rely on the web browser to connect online channels, but fall short in their ability to bridge the gap to offline channels in real time. BrightTag Fuse leverages the cloud to overcome the technical limitations of the browser and instantly connect and sync channels where tags don't exist.