Brainshark Adds Support for Presence and Instant Messaging Applications

May 27, 2005


Brainshark, a provider of rich-media communications solutions, has announced support for Presence and Instant Messaging applications, to provide viewers of on-demand presentations with the ability to detect whether the presenting expert or sender is currently available, and to instantly initiate an online conversation in real time.

Any Brainshark presentation can be presence-enabled with a direct connection to the appropriate individual or team of individuals, such as a sales or support team. Initially, the Brainshark Communications Platform will support Convoq ASAP, AOL and Microsoft Live Communications Server, but due to its open architecture, any existing Presence platform can be integrated with this on-demand communications application. Brainshark will resell Convoq ASAP.

The company believes that key markets for contextual presence include selling, learning and customer service. By delivering on demand presentations that are presence-enabled, companies can provide the following types of experiences for their employees, customers, prospects, and partners.