Bombora and Sales Inside Inc. Partner

Jun 02, 2016

Bombora, a provider of B2B demographic and intent based data, and Sales Inside Inc., a B2B lead generation services company specializing in install-based technologies data, announced their formal partnership leveraging each other's strengths to help customers generate higher quality leads than ever before. The partnership will allow Bombora to use Sales Inside Inc.'s proprietary data of install-based technologies to track over 500 technology categories from 10 million global domains. Sales Inside Inc. is now able to help its customers generate higher quality leads using Bombora's demand and purchase intent analytics.

Sales Inside Inc. is a lead generation company focused on providing a variety of B2B data services to its customers. Its lead generation services are utilized by marketing and sales departments. Several technology companies across the globe rely on Sales Inside Inc. for installed base data, contact data of b2b decision makers, data cleansing and hygiene services, customized list building services and content syndication services.