Blogtronix Revamps Pricing in Advance of Product Release

Dec 08, 2009

Blogtronix has announced a change to its pricing structure, anticipating the release of Blogtronix version 3.5 and Blogtronix Micro. The company will also release three new products: Blogtronix Now, which caters specifically to business units and small to medium businesses with less than 1,500 users, Blogtronix Community, which is designed for larger communities and businesses that seek to scale, and Blogtronix Enterprise, which focuses on large.

The in-house version of Blogtronix Now is now available at $2 per month per user, Blogtronix Community at 20 cents per month per user, and Blogtronix Enterprise at around $120,000 per year total in licensing fees. Blogtronix Enterprise comes standard with six server licenses and supports unlimited users, while the SaaS version supports up to 20,000 users at no additional charge.