Bizo Introduces Multi-Channel Nurturing

Apr 07, 2014

Bizo introduced a patent pending Multi-Channel Nurturing solution enables all B2B marketers to create sophisticated nurture programs utilizing online display and social ads to engage known prospects, convert anonymous website visitors, and ultimately increase lead velocity. Bizo Multi-Channel Nurturing is the latest addition to the Bizo Marketing Platform. Bizo introduced its first release of Bizo Multi-Channel Nurturing in October 2013, which specifically allowed joint Bizo and Eloqua users to layer display and social advertising into their existing email nurture programs in Eloqua. The latest release of Bizo Multi-Channel Nurturing now allows any B2B marketing organization, whether or not they are currently using a marketing automation platform, to nurture audiences with targeted display and social ads through the Bizo Marketing Platform.

All B2B marketers can now use Bizo to systematically engage anonymous and known prospect audiences with relevant ads across premium business websites, ad exchanges, and Facebook; create multiple nurture paths that sequence targeted ad creative and content based on the business demographic profile and onsite behavior of web visitors; optimize lead quality and program ROI by nurturing only those prospects belonging to desired audience segments; apply platform-supported A/B testing to optimize ad creative, messaging, and nurture paths; measure the impact of Bizo nurture programs through out-of-the-box, full-funnel reporting.