Bitrix Inc. Releases New Security Features

May 22, 2009

Bitrix Inc., a CMS and Intranet Portal development company, announced new security features on its suite of web based applications, including the Bitrix Site Manager and the Bitrix Intranet Portal. The security add-ons are additional layers of security features that mitigate web based threats and allow portal owners to host content and media on their portals. Part of the Proactive Protection module, these technical and organizational measures allow combating malicious programs that have either been identified or those that are still unknown. The new module includes number of tools: a web application firewall (Proactive Filter) protects the system from most known web attacks, One-time Password Technology (OTP) allows standard authorization scheme, security panel with security levels allow choosing a security level, authorized sessions protection, activity control protects from DDoS attacks and bots, intrusion log, IP-based control panel pages, stop lists, a script integrity monitor, and phishing protection.